Recent technological advancements have made solutions

Recent technological advancements have made solutions, including Ethernet over Copper, more attractive choices for businesses because they have allocated increased data Cross clamp speeds and distances from the aggregation equipment when employing conventional copper wires.

Late last year, PAETEC had announced its successful provisioning of high-speed Ethernet services in excess of 200Mb per second by way of its sophisticated Ethernet over Copper network – doubling the 100Mb per second the provider reported back in May of 2011.

PAETEC&Copper clad Steel Flat Bar39;s president of fiber services and national accounts, Clint Heiden, expressed the growing need for reliable, high-rate Ethernet service delivery as more and more businesses leverage budding technologies, such as server virtualization, streaming of data, and cloud computing.S. Nobody knows communications technology better than Windstream.

About Windstream

Windstream is a technology and communications provider that offers fast and reliable voice, data, cloud and networking solutions to U.”

PAETEC has owned and operated a fiber network that spanned nearly 37,000 route miles, as well as a footprint that covers businesses in 86 of the nation’s top 100 metropolitan areas. Whether you own a small business or a multi-location enterprise, we will work with you to develop the ideal customized solution to meet your needs – at the best available price. companies. With over 100,000 miles of fiber, 24/7 U.

Recently, PAETEC was acquired by Windstream in a multi-billion dollar deal that has created an S&P 500 # company that serves almost 500,000 businesses, and controls roughly 100,000 miles of fiber in North America.-based customer care, and a proven track record with all types, sizes and industries of businesses (including government, education, retail, finance and healthcare), it’s easy to see why Windstream is favored among so many of today’s successful companies.

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PAETEC has been a leading provider of high-capacity bandwidth network solutions – including data/Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), SONET, wavelength, Ethernet and custom networks – for government, service provider and enterprise customers. Heiden went on to say that, by taking advantage of the most recent Ethernet over Copper developments, PAETEC is “able to meet increasing customer demand for robust bandwidth volumes at a fraction of the cost of other media.

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Tag : Ethernet over Copper , Ethernet Services.S.Ethernet over Copper utilizes multiple bonded copper pairs in the same conduit in order to reach buildings where fiber-optic facilities are either too expensive or not available